Jason Sudeikis uses Ted Lasso to support racist players اللاعبين

Jason Sudeikis uses Ted Lasso to support racist players اللاعبين

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“Ted Lasso,” Apple TV+’s most award-winning series, follows a soccer coach behind the scenes of a fictional English soccer team. But if the title character is entirely far from what he calls “football,” his translator, Jason Sudeikis, has proven to be very attentive to the intricacies of the sport, walking the red carpet at the series’ second run in costume. Quite representative.

At the event at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles Thursday night (15/7), Sudeikis wore a black T-shirt with the names of three black footballers from England who became the target of a racist campaign on social media, after the European Championship final they won. Italy. This Friday (16/7), he reinforced the message on his Instagram. see below.

When Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho lost their penalties last Sunday (11/7) during the decision, they were instantly inundated with racist insults on social media.

The Sudeikis shirt had major repercussions. And an even bigger appearance for “Ted Lasso,” who was nominated Tuesday (13/7) for 20 Emmy Awards, breaking the record for nominations for an all-time series debut. Season two opens next Friday (23/7).

The Saka, Rashford and Sancho affair became a national scandal in the UK after Facebook allowed insults to flourish with monkey and banana emojis on Instagram.

Reporter Christina Creedel, who writes about technology for the BBC, used Twitter to expose the response she received when she reported racist attacks on player Bukayo Saka’s Instagram page. “Due to the large amount of reports we receive, our report review team cannot yet review your report. However, our technology has found that this comment likely does not violate the Community Rules,” the statement said.

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On Wednesday, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced his admission of the platform’s error.

One of those targeted, 21-year-old Marcus Rashford, is a national idol for leading a campaign to feed children during the UK’s coronavirus lockdown.

British police have already taken action and arrested four people on charges of racism on Thursday. Meanwhile, the British Parliament is debating how to prevent similar attacks on social media from continuing.

One of the proposals, proposed by the player of the English team Arsenal and the Brazilian national team, Willian Borges da Silva, is the mandatory documentary identification of users of the platform. The idea had already appeared in debates in Brazil and was rejected by pocket narrators.

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