Jade Picon breaks with tradition to see the final chapter of Travessia · TV news

Jade Picon breaks with tradition to see the final chapter of Travessia · TV news

Jade Picon surprised netizens by meeting with the actors to watch the last episode of Travessia on Friday night (5) in a restaurant in Jardim Botânico, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro. The actress and influencer appeared with her navel exposed – unlike BBB 22, in which she covered the area to avoid envy.

The interpreter, who took advantage of a day off to “unpack” Chiara’s heaviest scenes in the final part of Globo’s 9 am series, chose black pants with a white shirt – leaving her navel exposed.

Jade has come to attention in 2022 for her bizarre rituals during the reality show. She covered the area with bandages to protect herself from the evil eye, ensuring she followed the traditions outside of the game as well:

To protect me and protect me from energy. I believe that the navel is the place where we receive the evil eye, envy and all kinds of energy. I, when I go to a party, leave the house, always covering my navel.

Liu Bacon’s sister at the time described the practice as a kind of psychological tactic. “If you do something deliberate, like ‘This protects me,’ it will protect you. Like a dream map. You write down your intentions. Then I feel better.”

Jade Picon is giving up the ritual of covering his navel with duct tape (Welbert Felício/AgNews)

Jade was spotted with a sticker on her belly button at a music festival in Rio shortly after she was announced as one of Travessia’s champions. At the time, she was criticized for not training as an actress and immediately landed a role in prime time.

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But the blogger chose not to pay attention to the criticism. “More difficult than dealing with other people’s expectations is dealing with your own, right? I charge a lot, I’m very disciplined and applied. I do my best and I want to please myself. Then I hope to please you,” she said.

She concluded, “I am focusing on my acting career, it was an amazing experience. The best opportunity of my life.”

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