Jade Bacon and Joao Guilherme battle bears Neymar's finger

Jade Bacon and Joao Guilherme battle bears Neymar's finger

Fabia Oliveira's column, which always knows everything and more, finds out that the behind-the-scenes fight between João Guilherme and Jed Bacon is much more than just a pain in the neck, it is revenge. A little green bird told this journalist that even the confusion regarding influencers has been left behind Bruna Marquezine And Neymar. I will explain to you, dear readers!

After Leonardo's son's involvement with the former BBB came to light because she informed the actress, who had an affair with the boy, about her relapse with her ex-boyfriend, an exclusive source revealed that the conflict goes beyond this trolling.

In fact, Joao learned that Jade stayed with Neymar after their split, and therefore, he supposedly decided to invest in Marquezine to return to Bacon. However, the actor did not expect that the businesswoman would look for Bruna to ignore the situation, even though the actors were in a relationship without any serious commitment.

“It's like exchanging exes,” the source explained exclusively to the column. Guilherme did not like the attitude of Chiara's translator, from Travesia, and unfollowed her profiles on social media.

João Guilherme spoke out this Wednesday (24/01) about stopping following the girl: “I said several times that I will clean up my Instagram account, and leave the content that I actually consume. That's it. I'm doing this for me. There's no need to be secretive.”

The influencer also pointed out that friendship off the web is still good. “In the real world, among real people, not following doesn't mean much,” he concluded.

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However, according to Extra, the beef goes far beyond the internet. According to the outlet's sources, the controversy involves Enzo Cellolari, who shares the same roster of affairs with Guilherme, including Yasmin Brunet, Jade Bacon and Bruna Marquezine.


“he [Enzo] I was already with Jasmine, then Jade. Joao has already installed Rancho, hasn't he?”, the source revealed. However, they all spent New Year's Eve at Fernando de Noronha's, and it culminated in a state of confusion, which started when Claudia Raya's son decided to approach the group, sparking The actor who supposedly convinced João Lucas, Sasha Menegel's husband, to stay away from the group, was furious.Businessman.

At the end of the year, this columnist exclusively reported that Joao Guilherme was with Márquezine, even walking hand in hand around the island, for anyone who wanted to see him. For those who don't know, Bruna is one of the model's best friends.

Jade Picon was the only person who continued to follow Enzo Celulari, which could lead to him unfollowing the girl. Jeez!


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