Jacqueline, Lucas, Marcia Fu, and Sander are at the farm; Vote · TV News

Jacqueline, Lucas, Marcia Fu, and Sander are at the farm;  Vote · TV News

Jacqueline and Lucas Souza, Marcia Fu and Sander Mecca are on the eighth farm in A Fazenda 15. The farms were determined on Tuesday night (14). Who do you want to stay on the Record reality show? Vote in the poll the news In this text.

Winner of the Fire Trial, Cesar Black was summoned by Adrian Gallisto to reveal the powers of the lamp. He had to choose between white and orange scrolls and chose the first option. After that, he handed the other to Sheyan Heqin.

The presenter then asked Shay to reveal the arrangement of the orange parchment. “The farmer earns R$20,000 if he lets you nominate the first farmer today,” the farm worker read.

Youri Meireles did not accept the money and chose to nominate Jacqueline, as he had already revealed to his allies at the Games. “She had some bad attitudes towards me, and I thought she came to judge me for things that didn’t concern her,” the farmer explained.

“I think in a different dynamic Yuri was accusing me, abusing me, thinking I was a character. He thought I should prove to him who I was all the time,” the former BBB said.

Headquarters vote

Marcia Fu was the target of the vote at headquarters. By receiving seven votes, the former volleyball player was chosen to fill the second seat in the country. Galistos asked Black to reveal the matter on the white parchment. “Point out Rosero III among the walkers in the booth,” read the former BBB, who targeted Lucas.

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For one reason remaining, Sander messed up and was sent to the hot seat. The musician objected to Márcia from the Prova do Fazendeiro, which will take place on Wednesday (15) during the live program on Record.

Who voted for whom?

See below who voted for who in the farm formation:

  • Radamès Forlan voted for Marcia Fo
  • Tonzao Chagas voted for Cesar Black
  • Jacqueline voted for Cesar Black
  • Cheyenne Haqbin voted for Marcia Vu
  • Lucas Souza voted for Cesar Black
  • Sander Mecca voted for Marcia Vu
  • WL Guimarães voted for Nadia Pessoa
  • Callie Fonseca voted for Marcia Vu
  • Marcia Vu voted for Cesar Black
  • Alicia X voted for Marcia Fu
  • Nadia Pessoa voted for Lily Nobre
  • Lily Nobre voted for Marcia Vu
  • Andre Gonsalves voted for Cesar Black
  • Cesar Black voted for Marcia Vu

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