'It's ridiculous' · TV News

'It's ridiculous' · TV News

Egídio (Vladimir Brichta) will feel embarrassed and humiliated when attacking Joana (Alice Carvalho) in Renascer. She will get ready and arrive at her boss's house ready to “cook” for him. Tião (Irandhir Santos) will demand a payment of R$200,000 and will leave everyone confused with the wad of money. The housewife will find a way to trick the villain, saying that she will cook with him before going to bed, and will ask him to go into the bedroom to wait for her.

He'll only find out that she has no intention of fulfilling her part of the agreement when he's already aroused and in only his underwear. The rich man will jump on top of her and knock her down. At that moment, Yolanda (Camila Morgado) will arrive with Tiao, who will have a machete in his hands. “Go put your pants on, you look ridiculous like that… Colonel!”, Doña Patroa would say.

The scenes are scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday (23) in the soap opera broadcast on Channel Globo at nine o'clock. Before, the audience will see Iolanda deceive Marsal (Osvaldo Mel) and leave Sandra's (Julia Buscacio) house from behind, without anyone seeing her. Egidio allegedly sent his wife to buy clothes and shoes in Ilheus for his daughter's wedding.

On one If it takes that long, Joanna! Come…come let me I am waiting for you...Hurry up, Joanna! or What To come to you seekOh my flower? Take off those clothes and lie here with me!” Egidio will say, who will be alone in the house with Juana. She will say that she only gets naked in front of her husband – and even then, with the lights out.

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“Well, look you to Another 50k for you let me see you Naked… stop the nonsense, Joanna! What is too much? I Do This charity… Take off those clothes… Well, pretend I'm your tiao…”, the man will ask. She will leave, saying she will look at the pans.

Egídio becomes a predator

“Nothing like that, Joanna! vote here! let me see you “Like a princess!”, the fiery man will declare. He will chase her, who will try to escape from him through the house. “Egidio comes running after her, in his underwear, like a hallucinating von. A real predator that wants to devour its prey. He picks her up, puts her on the ground, and mounts her,” wrote author Bruno Loperi in the scene’s script.

“are you go Back With me there for how long or will I take you here on Earth?”, the pervert will shout. Tiao will appear and put the machete to Egidio's throat, who will try to explain himself. He explains for whom? For me or for her husband?” Yolanda asks, revealing her presence to everyone.

“And the Two hundred thousand reis This was how it was supposed to be, wasn't it? Hey Money from the crown He gave it to me this morning He says Which was mine com. directcho... Directly from what, I wonder? Like a cuckold? Ew Should I kill him, Miss Boss?” the pawn will ask. Yolanda will say no, he should leave with his family.

Tião enjoys Egídio's face

“And On one However The wreath In underwear it's like Another quark... On one There is a difference no one! I will not forget you This is never the case Ne my life. “Have a good time, Miss Boss,” Tiao would say, before leaving with his wife. Egidio will scream that he owes him money.

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“And I left him alive… Arise the hands To Heaven…and be thankful! Come on now: go put your pants on, you look ridiculous like that… Colonel! how I can Spirits life Whole cum house Like this?”, adds Iolanda, as she packs her bag to leave the farm for good.

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version was broadcast on Globo in 1993. Bruno Leberi is the novelist's grandson and is responsible for the adaptation of the rural saga that premiered in prime time in January. The new version will be on air until September.

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