‘It’s a disease’ · TV news

‘It’s a disease’ · TV news

Aline (Barbara Reis) will decide to put a final end to her relationship with Caio (Kawa Raymond) in Terra e Paixão. The woman will consider that the sweetheart will not completely move away from his father, Antonio (Tony Ramos), who hates her and wants to eliminate her. Therefore, the young lady will think that it is better to end everything once and for all. “His father has a disease that will kill our love…” he says angrily to his mother.

In the scenes scheduled to be broadcast in the Tuesday (17) episode of the series Globo at nine o’clock, Antonio will be arrested on charges of disobeying a court order and defying authority. Aline will be excited by the news and will go to the police station to see the scene.

But Antonio will go down by gunfire. When he sees his competition there, he’ll blow it up. He will call the girl a slut and say he will end her life. Allen will be raved by hate-filled words.

At home, she’ll talk to Gosara and say that she thinks Kayo won’t completely abandon his father. “He has and will always have respect and a kind of humility before him, mother. Even those who oppose Dr. Antonio hide, without the courage to confront the man in the open. It is as if he were a powerful god.” “I’m the only one who doesn’t bend, and he knows it,” he’ll say.

Gosara will comment that her daughter is a warrior. Aline will then reveal that she thought carefully and came to the conclusion that she could not marry Kayo. And you will reveal the reason with tears:

Antonio La Selva will never give me peace in this life. That’s why I can’t marry Kayo, mom. The love I feel for him is tainted…his father is a disease that will kill our love.

Terra e Paixão, written by Walcyr Carrasco and Thelma Guedes, is set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The plot will remain on the air until January next year, when it will be replaced by a remake of Renascer (1993). ).

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