“It was my father's cheapest koenja” · TV News

“It was my father's cheapest koenja” · TV News

Sandra (Julia Buscacio) will have a very difficult conversation with Doña Patroa (Camila Morgado) at Renasser. The housewife will follow her daughter into the mansion that used to be the brothel of Jacutinga (Juliana Paes) and beg her not to reopen the “House of Sin.” Iolanda will fear that her husband will end up killing his heiress in the Globo series at nine o'clock.

Sandra will strongly disagree and leave her mother shaken by making her realize that Egidio (Vladimir Bryshta) has never treated her with due respect. “If you look at the world through his eyes, you will find that we are all koenga…
The difference is that you were the cheapest girlfriend my father had ever had.“The young woman will say.

The scenes will be broadcast starting Tuesday (16). Once she finds out from Juana (Alice Carvalho) that everyone is talking about her daughter's return and her desire to reopen the brothel, Doña Patroa will show up at the property to find out if it is true.

The evangelist will begin by lecturing the heiress, who will answer: “What men do here they do abroad.” The boss will say she speaks like a “lost woman” and will plead:

For the sake of all that is holy, Sandra, I ask you: Go back to where you came from, but… On one Come here insult Your father is like that! There you can andaze What required Of your life… It has already been said that you behind went to I opened once again porter from the hell! What a shame, Sandra… your father You won't bear it Silent…and you know it! You the hunt Shame, okay?

At that moment, Sandra will claim that Egidio made his mother's life an ordeal. “You should care more about the shameful things your husband does than me. I'm fighting against him, not against you. If you don't understand the magnitude of this, go home and leave me quiet here…” – the former college student will say.

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Sandra will touch her mother's heart

Little by little, Iolanda will dry her tears and listen more carefully to her daughter's warnings. The boss will mention that she always knew that her husband was a client of the prostitutes who lived there and she will regret turning a blind eye for so long.

“I grew up to He is wife, On one he knows? It was for me a house And for service “My husband,” Doña Patroa would comment. Sandra will ask if she was also brought up to accept all his misery.

“Have you ever wondered how many women he shouldn't be with? You The feminist will ask: “Am I lying here?” Sandra will explain that no woman should have to put up with this and that Yolanda should file for divorce so she can experience the good things in life.

Doña Patroa will still reject the idea of ​​becoming a woman without a husband, but she will eventually come to the conclusion that she is already thinking about what her life would be like without Egidio. She would be left understanding her daughter's decision, even without agreeing with the heiress.

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version was broadcast on Globo in 1993. Bruno Leberi is the novelist's grandson and is responsible for the adaptation of the rural saga that premiered in prime time in January. The new version will be on air until September.

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