“It came after Sarah” · News bulletin

"It came after Sarah" · News bulletin

Abraão (Zécarlos Machado) will falter origin. Upon his arrival in the city of Gerard, the Prophet told the royal family that Sarah (Adriana Jarambon) was his sister and aroused the curiosity of King Abimelech (Leonardo Franco). The king will enchant the ancient warrior and snatch her from the Hebrew camp. “He came after Sarah,” says Agar (Helka Maria).

The protagonist of the Bible will lose his wife again In this Friday class (28). For those who do not remember, Pharaoh Amenemhat III (Andre Ramiro) took Terra’s daughter (Julio Braga) for his harem, because Lot’s uncle (Emilio Ursiolo Neto) did not tell him that he was married to his half-sister.

Now the kidnapping will take place in the city of Jarrar. As we saw on Thursday (27), so saw Abimelech Sarah sings on the farms From barley and craze for character. The next day, Prince Ficol (Joelson Medeiros) will be asked to take Adália’s sister (Carla Marins) to camp.

At the end of breakfast, the loving man asks, “Eat more, mill.” “I am satisfied. It is better to eat less and more often so as not to get very sick,” stresses the pregnant woman. Naor’s brother (Jorge Pontual) will promise to stay at the woman’s feet: “Just don’t forget that now you have to eat for two,” he remembers.

The couple’s romantic moment will be interrupted by Ajar. The server will send an unfriendly message: “Sorry. The king has an envoy there.” Massa’s friend (Marcus Winter) will get up from his tent uninterested: “I’m going there, it has to be a camp license,” he said.

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Ismail’s mother (Henrik Camargo) will correct you: “Sorry Ibrahim, but he came after Sarah”, Al-Masry will release him, embarrassed. The heroes will look at each other in fear. “Mona?!” , The desired will ask. The character Zécarlos Machado will try to keep the woman calm: “Let’s see what this is about,” the man concludes.

origin It is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The booklet is divided into seven stages, and the record currently shows the fifth stage – Abraham’s Journey. In addition to spoilers, the the news Be published Summary of the Biblical Novel.

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