Israelis return to the streets to release hostages and against Netanyahu

Israelis return to the streets to release hostages and against Netanyahu

In response to the attack, Israel promised to “annihilate” Hamas and launched an attack that killed 30,960 people in Gaza. The majority of victims in Gaza are women and children, according to the Islamic Movement, which has ruled the Palestinian territories since 2007.

“Netanyahu and his government are destroying the country.” Alpha, a former soldier who sells medical equipment, said this during the demonstration. “We are a broken country,” said Ora, a psychiatrist in her 60s, who did not want to give her last name at the time.

A common feeling among all the interviewees is that they feel there is an “abyss” between the people and the government. “This government cannot remain in power after what happened on October 7,” said pilot Shahi Gill (50 years old). He added: “They do not have the trust of the people, and their motives are driven by the desire to remain in power, and not by what is good for the country.”

Many elderly people participated in the demonstration and said they were worried about the future of their grandchildren. “We have no future with this government and this prime minister,” said Mira Smalley, 64. “It is corrupt, brutal and violent.”

Protesters carry signs during a demonstration in Tel Aviv, Israel Photograph: Jacques Guez/AFP

“We need peace, we need calm.”

Many attendees said that Netanyahu, accused of fraud and corruption, should be brought to justice when he leaves power. “Elections! Now! Now!”, “Shame! Shame! Shame on the government!”, crowds chanted during the demonstration, which ended with some tensions with police.

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