Israeli ambassador says he expects Brazil to 'condemn' Iranian attack and says he is 'disappointed' by Itamarati's stance | Policy

Israeli ambassador says he expects Brazil to 'condemn' Iranian attack and says he is 'disappointed' by Itamarati's stance |  Policy

The Israeli ambassador says he is disappointed that Brazil did not condemn the Iranian attack

Israel's Ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine, said on Sunday (14) that he expects condemnation from the Brazilian government of the attack carried out by Iran against the country. In an interview with Globo NewsHe also said he was “disappointed” with Itamaraty Palace's stance on the situation.

On Saturday (13), the Brazilian government issued a memorandum on the conflict and said that it was following the facts “with great concern” and “calls on all parties concerned to exercise the utmost restraint and calls on the international community to mobilize efforts in order to avoid escalation.”

He said, “It is not the first time that Iran has participated in actions against Israel. It is the first time that it has done so directly, from its territory to Israeli territory.”

He added, “So it is expected to at least hear any condemnation of this thing in which the level of Iran's involvement in this conflict in which Israel is involved here in the Middle East has increased. Unfortunately, we did not hear any condemnation in this message.” From the State Department, that's one thing [que nos deixa] He continued: “I'm a little disappointed. The word is from Itamarati.”

Brazilian demonstration

The text also advises Brazilians to avoid non-essential travel to the region, especially to Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran, and for citizens already in those countries to follow the guidelines published on the country's websites and social media. Brazilian embassies.

The Brazilian Air Force said on Sunday that it was “prepared and ready to meet any requests to rescue Brazilians in conflict areas.”

Israel: Iran launches an attack with dozens of drones

The Iranian army threatened to launch a larger attack if Israel launched a counterattack. The Iranian government also said it may target US bases if Washington supports Israeli retaliation.

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