Israel publishes videos of Islamic Jihad missiles hitting a hospital

Israel publishes videos of Islamic Jihad missiles hitting a hospital

The attack on the Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of at least 500 people in Ahli Arabi; An extremist group denied its authorship

Videos published by official profiles linked to the Israeli government show what it would be like to see the moment when a missile supposedly launched by the Islamic Jihad movement hits a hospital in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday (17.10.2023). At least 500 people were killed in the attack, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

“The whole world should know [que] It was barbaric terrorists in Gaza who attacked the hospital, not the Israeli army. “Those who brutally murdered our children are also killing their own.”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. The Israeli army announced that the missile was not launched from Israeli territory.

To the news agency ReutersIslamic Jihad spokesman Daoud Shehab denied responsibility for the attack. He called charges “to lie” that it “invention”. He accused the Israeli government: “The occupation is trying to cover up the heinous crime and massacre it committed against civilians.”.

The videos were posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the profiles of Israell Israel Defense Forces It’s from Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. In the videos posted on the networks, you can see:

  • A clear point crossing the sky (it will be a rocket);
  • Flashing, possibly indicating absolute missile failure;
  • An explosion in an area with buildings and no electricity (lights went out in Gaza).

Watch the videos published by Israel (55 years old):


The Israeli account published other video clips indicating that they were of the alleged missile launched by the Islamic Jihad movement. Users began sharing the post, but others highlighted some discrepancies, such as when the cameras were recording, and said it would be a recording before the attack on the hospital. On social media, Israeli government account administrators removed the images from the message.

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The Israeli file also published:

Israel's publication of the moment of the explosion changed

What your Israel profile post looked like after editing:

The IDF and international media also criticized it “Hamas quickly published Hamas headlines without checking the facts.”. Images shared from websites CNN, to Wall Street Journal And from AP. Everyone said that Israel bombed the hospital.

Israel accuses the international press

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