Israel again cuts off the Internet in Gaza to hide the massacre

Israel again cuts off the Internet in Gaza to hide the massacre

The fuel that feeds the electricity generators in the area has run out, as a result of the Israeli siege. The Gaza Strip is separated from the outside world

Gaza City

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247 – On Thursday (16), the Gaza Strip faces a new humanitarian crisis, with vital fuel running out to run backup power generators, leading to the disruption of cell phone and internet services across the region. Accordingly The Palestinian telecommunications companies Paltel and Jawwal announced with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that they had exhausted all energy sources supporting their networks.

Paltel said in a statement on Thursday afternoon, “We regret to announce the interruption of all communications services in the Gaza Strip, the exhaustion of all energy sources supporting the network, and the lack of fuel.”

Fuel shortages in the region are due to the Israeli blockade, which has been strongly condemned by humanitarian agencies and authorities in several countries – including the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The United Nations has expressed serious concerns that a widespread power outage could endanger Gaza’s civil order and undermine ongoing humanitarian efforts in the area.

Since the start of the Israeli attacks, the Gaza Ministry of Health has reported the deaths of 11,400 people in the Strip, including more than 4,000 children, and the United Nations has warned of a “humanitarian catastrophe.” On the Israeli side, 1,200 people were killed as a result of Hamas attacks.

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