Is your cell phone charger getting hot? Understand why this happens

Is your cell phone charger getting hot?  Understand why this happens

Heating of a cell phone charger is something that can cause concern for many users. But, ultimately, why does an item get hot when plugged in?

The answer lies in the complex conversion of electrical current, an essential process for recharging smartphones.

During this conversion, part of the power coming from the socket is converted into direct current, to power the cell phone, while another part is dissipated as heat.

This dispersion is evident in its clearest form Chargerswhich plays a crucial role in reducing the high mains voltage to a safe voltage for the device, generally around 5V.

This mechanism ensures sufficient charging to prevent any possible damage to the device.

The current, which varies depending on the smartphone model, represents the intensity of the electrical current.

The higher the current, the faster the charging, however, the device must be able to withstand this high current, otherwise it will be damaged.

By multiplying the voltage by the amperage, we get the charging power. Higher power leads to faster recharging processes, but also to an increase in temperature.

This excess heat causes the internal components of the accessory to heat up, thus overheating the charger itself.

Heat is not always a sign of something wrong, unless it occurs in excess – Image: Shutterstock/LariBat/Reproduction

What to do when the charger gets hot?

If, when touching the item, you feel that you cannot hold it comfortably, this may indicate problems with the accessory's heat dissipation.

In such a case, disconnect the cable from smart phoneremove the charger from the socket and wait for it to return to room temperature.

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It is necessary to purchase an original charger provided by your smartphone manufacturer or choose a charger produced by well-known accessory brands.

Choosing original chargers and cables not only ensures the safety of your device but also maintains its physical integrity.

Unlike counterfeit alternatives, certified chargers have extra layers of safety, this prevents potential explosions, overheating and changes in electrical current.

If the temperature of the original charger is too high, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to report the problem and seek a recommended solution.

Uncover the secret of global warming freighter It's the first step to ensuring your device is safe and working properly while charging.

By understanding the processes involved and taking appropriate action, you ensure an efficient and risk-free shipping experience.

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