Is working with your partner getting in the way? The study has amazing results

Is working with your partner getting in the way?  The study has amazing results

In recent months, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has dedicated itself to conducting an important study. Therefore, the researchers decided to evaluate the quality Physical activity Performed by the person and his or her partner.

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However, they tried to determine whether the company was truly generating benefits, or was ultimately getting in the way. Therefore, the result surprised everyone and was published in the scientific journal International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.

What's worth it: Hiking alone or as a couple?

Initially, 240 volunteers aged 54 to 72 years, all married and living close to their spouse, participated in the analysis. Thus, the common routine is the common point among the elderly.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the cell phone monitored the steps of two groups: in the first, the trip was solo, and in the second, the couple walked together. Therefore, a slower pace was observed among the monitored participants.

Reasons that explain the difference in performance

As mentioned, research has shown that the person next to you, no matter how close to you, generates comparisons. Therefore, older adults who are trying to adapt to physical activity routines try to adapt to their partner's needs.

Moreover, the many limitations that arise during aging also raise questions. For example, when you are alone, you often feel free to walk wherever you want without explaining. This situation leads to a broad moment of activity that is not repeated around a person.

Physical activity should be done with or without a partner

Remember that physical exercise, along with a healthy diet and a good night's sleep, strengthens your metabolism. In this case, never forget to allocate 10 to 50 minutes a day for aerobic activities that stimulate your muscles.

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The decision to contact a friend or partner is yours, keeping in mind that you need to start as soon as possible. Finally, replace the elevator with stairs, do light walking and practice poses with the goal of gradually improving.

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