Is Rodriginho broke? What no one tells you about their finances

Is Rodriginho broke?  What no one tells you about their finances

Controversial post Rodriginho The “BBB 24” program sparked some speculation about the singer's financial life before he limited himself to the reality show. It turns out that many believed he agreed to be “burned” on national television, due to some action in the game, because he was broke here and needed to turn things around.

However, that's not quite the story. Before joining 'BBB 24', Rodriginho was doing very well financially. And yes, he went through very difficult times, even needing help from friends, like singer Thiagoinio, to survive. But lately, the singer has had a busy touring schedule.

second Column by Mariana Moraes As it turned out, Rodriginho was performing an average of 20 to 30 shows a month, and was even performing in three different venues on the same night. In other words, money for him was not a problem at the moment.

To give you an idea, the singer's advisor confirmed that he had to cancel 50 performers who were already confirmed for the reality show. Rodriginho's fees tend to vary a lot, depending on the event. However, this costs no less than R$30,000.

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What did Rodriginho and his wife say?

On social media, the singer's wife, Bruna Amaral, ridiculed speculation that the temple had gone bankrupt. During the quarantine, Rodriginho himself commented on his financial life, but without going into many details.

“R$ 3 million (the amount the prize can reach).” Great, it's money. I already have that money too. There is no emotion here. “Are you calling me emotional?” Rodriginho said. “Man, far be it from me to disparage this program and this award…but that's the thing. I've been on TV since I was 10 years old, R$3 million, with all due respect, is what I left behind from the show.” “.

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