Is it necessary to include information to improve the outcome?

Is it necessary to include information to improve the outcome?

You’ve definitely heard “Do you want to include CPF in the note?” When you make a purchase in an establishment, right? It is very normal for employees Show. What leaves many consumers in doubt is whether including the document number in the invoice can lead to an increase result or help in some other way. Find out now.

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First of all, we think it is important to understand what a file result. This score ranges from 0 to 1000 and indicates the probability that the consumer will pay bills on time in the next six months. who – which the system It provides an overview of the habits of each consumer to indicate, in other words, whether or not they are a good payer.

CPF in the note

So if your question is whether or not the CPF on the invoice has an effect on the numbering, without much ado, know that the answer is: No. The document number in any note does not affect the result at all, although many would like it, as daily purchases helped demonstrate the commitment of the citizen.

SERASA uses other information that is more relevant to credit analysis. Among them, we can refer to the famous positive recording, which collects the history of good money payers. It also includes negative debts, CPF inquiries made by third parties, contracts and credit payments.

Note that the numbering is the result of a broader and more complete analysis than simply including the definition in the note. Consumer history is a determining factor when issuing loans, for example, as well as credit cards.

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The simplest way to maintain a good grade result All bills are paid on time. So, don’t leave anything out spoon Back. Those with a sloppy name should solve the problems as soon as possible so that in the long run all previous progress is not jeopardized.

A CPF in the memo can be a good way to help combat tax evasion and ensure ICMS collection. Despite the benefits, the practice of adding information has no Effect about the citizen.

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