Is it common to feel sad on your birthday? Understanding | Psychological health

Is it common to feel sad on your birthday?  Understanding |  Psychological health

Rodriginho has a crying crisis on BBB24 – Image: Reproduction

Singer Rodriginho turned 46 years old on Tuesday (27), the same date on which he participated in the first wall of his career. “BBB24” Against participants Fernanda and Lucas Henrique.

Hours before the public's decision, Brother had a crying fit, was consoled by allies in the house, congratulated by opponents like Bea and Isabelle, and even received a cake from Davey, who is considered his biggest enemy in the game.

Although Christmas is awaited by many, Bouts of sadness and crying are very common on this date. This is what psychologist Anne Kronfli, a specialist in anxiety disorders at the University of São Paulo (USP) School of Medicine, explains. In an interview with g1She explains why memorial dates tend to make people more sensitive.

“Memorial dates in general heighten emotions,” he explains. “There are people like Rodrigo, who feel weakened by their age.”

In the singer's case, it may have been the same history associated with the fact that he was isolated in a house for more than 50 days, away from family and friends, that sparked the crying crisis.

The psychologist also adds that this phenomenon can exacerbate clinical conditions, such as anxiety and depression: “Depression incapacitates a person, leaves him apathetic, and on his birthday a penny may drop on this unconstructive and unproductive.”

Kronfli adds that in patients who already suffer from depression, Christmas can make a person confront the idea of ​​rejection.

“The person feels hopeless, rejected, abandoned, and unappreciated. Memorial dates such as birthdays intensify these feelings. Depressed people deeply desire intimacy, but are unable to build connections.”

“What can happen is a dysregulation of mood, where the person begins to be ‘invaded’ by dysfunctional thoughts, for example: ‘I am old, my youth is ending, my life is no longer interesting, now all that is left is illness.’ And more illness.” These pessimistic and negative thoughts lead to despair, helplessness and sometimes sadness,” explains Kronfli.

👉 Tips for dealing with the appointment

For those who feel anxious or have an aversion to their birthday, Crunfli offers tips on how to prepare to handle the date. between them:

  • Do not force unwanted social interactions and respect emotions.
  • Take a walk outdoors.
  • Do breathing exercises with prolonged inhalation.
  • One is aware of one's own feelings, and understands that they “arise, grow, reach a climax, then subside and dissipate.”
  • For the support network, that is, people who do not have one, but live with someone with depression, it is important that they are present, without judgment or demands, just welcoming and respecting the other's pain.

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