Is it better to leave your PS5 lying down or standing?

Is it better to leave your PS5 lying down or standing?

It is safe to say that purchasing a PS5 It is part of the dreams of many players around the world.

After the launch of Sony's latest console, despite it being a highly sought-after gadget, even its biggest fans still have some concerns about using it.

This is made more real by the fact that the console is marked with Futuristic designModern and can easily be part of your living room decor.

But that's not the purpose of the console, right? And even more than that! However, the device also needs good maintenance to be worth the investment.

This preservation also relates to the way the console is stored, whether lying down or standing. Have you thought about this?

From this dilemma arise many doubts about the potential risks associated (or not) with using the device horizontally or vertically.

If you don't know, then yes there is a suitable answer to this question.

Lying or standing: what should the PS5 look like?

According to information from the product itself, the PS5 weighs about 5.9 kg and is 38 cm long, which has consumers wondering what it should look like.

As recommended by Sony, the manufacturer of the PS5, landscape mode ensures a stability Larger and safer to leave the device on any surface.

Although this is a useful way to leave your PS5, it is still important to deny the misinformation that has recently been circulating on social media about this situation.

This is because some say that leaving the console in a horizontal position causes a certain type of liquid metal to leak from the device, and this is nothing more than a false statement, as the manufacturer indicates.

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Based on this, everything indicates that the safest thing is to leave the place PlayStation 5 In a horizontal position, without posing a risk of liquid metal leakage.

Furthermore, this storage is necessary for the console's cooling mechanism to function properly.

The PS5 features a cooling system that includes liquid metal heat transfer and a 120mm central intake fan, ensuring consistent thermal performance in both configurations.

The ideal position for the PS5 to be in is horizontal – Image: Reproduction

The upright PS5 certainly poses no danger other than possibility accidents. The console model also guarantees advantages in this mode.

Vertical, the PS5 doesn't take up much space and still retains the modern look of the design.

But what about you, which of the two options do you usually adopt?

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