Is an ice machine worth it? See what those who bought it say

Is an ice machine worth it?  See what those who bought it say

What do those who bought it say?: “I loved everything. So much so that it is the second one I have owned. The first one, after a lot of use, I gave it to my son, and it works perfectly. Very happy with the purchase” – Ori.

How does an ice machine work?

Portable ice makers work with tanks and a compressor system that cools the water. Since it does not require hydraulic installation and is compact in most models, it can be used at home, at barbecues with friends, and even at small events.

“Inside the machine is a copper or aluminum coil, where the coolant, usually Freon, circulates. R22, and cool everything around you, a process similar to air conditioning. “The coil has pins that come into contact with the water in the tank, cooling a small amount of water until it turns into ice cubes,” explains Jacques Antonio Fonseca, an electrical engineer.

“Since the coil has an internal cooling system and the pin reaches a small area of ​​water in the tray, when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, the solidification point forms a small cylinder of ice in minutes,” he adds. .

When the process is finished, the coolant stops circulating and the ice cubes come out of the screws, and the blade then pushes them into the inner tray of the machine. This way they are ready for consumption. Using cold or ice water helps speed up this process.

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