IRPF Remaining Payment: Income Paid Today – Capital

IRPF Remaining Payment: Income Paid Today – Capital

This Thursday (29), the Federal Revenue Service will approve the amounts indicating refunds of the remaining payment of personal income tax (IRPF) from February 2024. This batch includes taxpayers who were retained in the network of fines and have regularized their pending issues. tax authority. The total amount of recoveries exceeds R$304.1 million.

Of this amount, R$208.9 million will be directed to priority taxpayers, including 3,155 senior citizens over 80 years old, 25,536 taxpayers aged 60 to 79 years, and 3,351 people with physical disabilities. or mentally ill or those with a serious illness, and 6,744 teachers whose income comes mostly from teaching.

Furthermore, 80,680 taxpayers who do not have legal priority will be included in this batch of refunds, including those who used the pre-filled return or chose to receive it via Pix. Another 88,857 taxpayers, also without priority, will receive the refund.


To check whether a return has been issued, taxpayers must access the Federal Revenue website, click on “My Income Tax” and then on “Refund Consultation.” This inquiry can also be made through the Federal Revenue mobile app.

If the taxpayer does not find his name on the list, he must enter the virtual Taxpayer Assistance Center (e-CAC) and check the declaration extract. If there are outstanding issues, it is possible to send a patch announcement and wait for the next batch of microgrids.

The refund is paid directly to the bank account indicated by the taxpayer in the return, which can be by direct transfer or via Pix. If there is a credit issue, such as deactivation of the bank account, amounts will be available for refund for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. In this case, the taxpayer can reschedule the credit through the BB portal or through the available phone numbers.

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If the refund is not received within one year, taxpayers must request the refund through the e-CAC portal, following the specific instructions provided.

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