IRPF: Organize your income reports

IRPF: Organize your income reports

With the arrival of March, many Brazilians have already begun preparing to fulfill one of their annual obligations: the Personal Income Tax Declaration (IRPF). The official deadline for submission begins on Thursday of this week, so it's important to start organizing your reports now.

An income report, also known as “proof of income”, is an essential document for preparing an IRPF declaration. This document details the amounts received throughout the year – between January 1 and December 31 – by the individual. Its issuance is mandatory for those who have received income subject to income tax withholding, including individuals and legal entities.

Payment sources, whether companies, investment brokers, banks or the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), are responsible for providing these income reports to taxpayers, which are important documents so that the declarer can detail his or her earnings and deductions when filling out the form. a permit.

Income reporting is not just a formality, it is a tool that allows taxpayers to transparently submit their financial information to the tax authorities. It includes not only amounts received, but deductions, such as income tax withheld at source, Social Security contributions and other applicable deductions.

Many organizations issue income reports, and it is important for taxpayers to be aware of the deadlines set by the Federal Revenue Service. Generally, companies and payers must submit these documents by the last business day of February. So taxpayers should have their income reports this year by February 29, but some late reports will likely be sent out next week.

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Upon receipt of your income report, it is recommended that you carefully review the information provided. Make sure all values ​​are correct and compatible with your financial reality. If you identify any discrepancies, contact the payment source to make corrections before initiating an IR return.

Organizing income reports in advance not only makes the advertising process easier, but also helps avoid potential inconveniences and last-minute corrections. Pay attention to deadlines, keep your financial documents organized and start the 2024 income tax filing process smoothly and organized. After all, accurate declaration is key to avoiding future problems and ensuring you comply with your tax responsibilities.

Murilo Torelli
Professor of Financial Accounting at Presbyterian McKenzie University

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