IR redemption dates for calendar 2024 and who has priority!

IR redemption dates for calendar 2024 and who has priority!

The 2024 income tax filing period has already begun, and with it the expectation of payments of refunds. On the other hand, this annual fiscal event is crucial for many taxpayers who expect to recover part of the tax previously withheld at source. So below we will explain the important details on how to verify the payment and who has priority for refunds.

Income tax refund
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What are the refund dates for IR payments in 2024?

Your income tax refund is distributed throughout the year into five different payments. The first batch is scheduled to be released this year May 31followed by monthly payments through September:

  • The first batch: May 31;
  • The second installment : June 28;
  • third batch : July 31;
  • Fourth batch: August 30;
  • Fifth batch: September 30;

About a week before filing, taxpayers can check how much they will receive a refund for each of these payments through the federal revenue platform.

How to check refund efficiently?

Verifying your refund is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. To undertake the consultation, taxpayers must:

  • Go to section My income tax;
  • Log in with CPF and password;
  • Review the amount to be received.

Who has priority for refunds?

As is the case every year, certain groups of taxpayers have priority in receiving their refund. The priority this year is:

  • Seniors aged 60 to 79 years;
  • People who have physical or mental disabilities, or are seriously ill;
  • Taxpayers whose largest source of income is teaching;
  • Those who opted in to the pre-packaged ad and/or chose to receive it via Pix.
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These measures aim to facilitate access to funds for those most in need or who have rights due to special circumstances, ensuring more immediate assistance.

Impact of local events on compensation

Moreover, this year, taxpayers in Rio Grande do Sul will have a special priority due to the difficulties caused by the recent floods that affected the state. Therefore, the IRS is adopting this measure to provide rapid assistance to those adversely affected by natural disasters, providing faster financial support.

Understanding the income tax refund calendar and processes is essential to planning your personal finances efficiently. Moreover, with clear and easily accessible information, taxpayers can better manage their expectations and preparations for receiving refunds.

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