IPhone SE 2022 copied the design of Xiaomi Mi 11?

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Based on recent leaks, the iPhone SE 2022 was presented using high-resolution displays created by Ukrainian designer Aaple Lab. However, a detail in the rear camera module caught the attention of users.

The sensor is surrounded by a silver ring, similar to the optical effect Angel eye Act Xiaomi Mi 11. Therefore, the small pillar prompted many people to speculate that a an Apple To copy the Chinese trademark.

The silver circle around the iPhone SE sensor is very similar to that of the Mi 11.Source: Twitter / Aaple_Lab

Apple is known for being a pioneer in introducing many innovative designs into its products. On the contrary, this time around, the brand is presenting visual details “inspired” by competitors.

IPhone SE 2022 premiere also reveals more features of the new smartphone release. For example, the device power button will have a biometric reader similar to the one used in a file iPad Air 4.

Apparently, the new model will adopt a full screen display with only one notch for the front camera. With a smaller bezel, that means it will lose the sensor for Face ID security feature.

As shown in the first image, the next iPhone SE will have only one sensor for the rear camera. Everything indicates that Apple is again betting on perfect visual appeal rather than powerful hardware.

Xiaomi Mi 11Xiaomi Mi 11 camera

Release expectations and specifications

According to the first information, the release of the new iPhone SE should only reach the market in 2022. Like its predecessor, the model should use the A13 processor and have 4 GB of RAM.

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Rumors also indicate that the smartphone will feature three storage specifications: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. For more, it will have four color options: black, blue, green and purple.

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