Iolanda becomes a “snake” and hits Joaquim

Iolanda becomes a "snake" and hits Joaquim

Iolanda (Duda Brack) will prove to be a real snake in beyond the illusion. after doing David (Rafael Vetti) eats the bread kneaded by the devil, the star will drip its poison against him Joachim (Danilo Mesquita). The newest villain on the block You will find documents that condemn evil And they’ll hold them to get a trump card against him at Globo Six Hours.

In the The chapter scheduled to air on Thursday (7), despite of become in love Son Ursula (Barbara Paz), the actress will show that she is not ridiculous at all and will find a way to pass the “lover” from behind.

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doubts the sudden friendship between Heloisa (Paloma Duarte) and the character of Rafael Vitti, the Snake will sniff out an opportunity and decide to act. You will enjoy your tailoring honeymoon and Leonidas (Eriberto Leão) and will conquer Olivia’s mother (Deborah Osorio).

You will enter through the window and open a box with scissors. Inside, Margot’s friend (Marissa Orth) will find the folder Where David kept all the documents proving the coup which Joachim gave to weave. “Bingo! Now both are in my hands!” Iolanda will celebrate.

The TV series starring Larissa Manuela will be replaced on August 22 sirtau seaWritten by Mario Teixeira and starring Isadora Cruz and Sergio Guisei. Check out the summaries of the TV series at 6 o’clock from Globo that the news Published daily.

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Find out everything that will happen in the next chapters of the series with the Noveleiros podcast Hear “#108 – Pantanal: Jose Lucas crosses the line and faces the wrath of Maria Mararo!” on Spreaker.

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