Invisible: Two ways to reply to messages on WhatsApp offline

Invisible: Two ways to reply to messages on WhatsApp offline

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Have you ever wanted to reply to a message on WhatsApp without reporting your online status? These two tricks can help you!

Hey WhatsApp It was launched in 2009, after it became one of the most widely used means of communication by users around the world. Due to its ease and diverse resources offered, messenger has also become important for the corporate environment. However, the exchange of letters eventually became apparent InvasiveWith contacts outside business hours and even on weekends.

For those who want to increase their balance Privacy The app has ways to respond to requested messages without the other person being able to find out. This way, users can remain “invisible” while using the app, ensuring their privacy and choice of whom to respond to during their off hours.

Two ways to become temporarily invisible on WhatsApp

1. Reply from Notification Center

One of the most used methods by users is to reply to received messages without opening the application. By responding directly from the smartphone's notification center, users prevent the “typing” status from appearing for their contacts. This approach is ideal for those who want to keep responses quick, even without opening the app.

In addition to being an easy way to maintain privacy, this technique is also useful when a user is busy but needs to respond to a message urgently. Therefore, the status in the application does not change and the message is replied to.

2. Airplane mode

Another simple and effective technique to keep your status hidden on WhatsApp is to activate Airplane mode before opening the app. As a result, WhatsApp will not be able to change the status to “Online” or “Texting”, as there will be no internet to update. This makes it possible to read and respond to messages without being seen by other users.

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With these WhatsApp features, users can have more control over their privacy and online presence. In the latest update, the messenger has also allowed you to hide your status in the app. However, the procedure is effective, as the condition will not appear at any other time.

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