Investigators found 3,787 bones under the home of a serial killer and cannibal.

Detectives have recently been found into a serial killer and cannibal 3,787 human bones (or fragments) while the remains of at least 17 victims were discovered under the butcher’s house In the suburbs of Mexico City. The revelation took place on Saturday (12/6).

The astonishing number of bone fragments found under the concrete floor of the man, identified as Andres for legal reasons, indicates that The bodies were cut into small pieces, prosecutors say, citing “The Sun.” The human body is made up of 206 bones.

He is a 72-year-old retired butcher You may eat parts of many victims, told the court that He tore off the skin of one of them because he thought she was “too pretty.”.

Andres made a disgusting statement during a four-hour hearing in Mexico, when he was formally accused of killing the wife of a police officer on duty.

Prosecutors in the state of Mexico noted that the shocking finds may not end there, because the excavation work, which began in mid-May, has not yet ended.

Human bones found in a Mexican butcher’s house Photo: clone

Identity documents and other belongings of people who disappeared years ago have been found in the house full of rubbish, which suggests that The impact of the murders can go back years.

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