Instagram reveals a “hidden” game for users; How to access the game?

Instagram reveals a “hidden” game for users;  How to access the game?

Are you looking for something new to pass the time? Instagram? The social network surprised its users by offering a fun and “hidden” game in the direct messages (DMs) section, accessible on both Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

The dynamics behind the hidden Instagram game are intuitive, challenging the player to use their finger as a key lever to prevent pre-selected emojis from falling to the bottom of the screen. When the player can keep the emojis in play, the points start accumulating, making every moment of the game more exciting and even addictive.

How to find hidden game on Instagram?

To start the fun, simply start a direct message conversation on Instagram and send an emoji of your choice. Then, just tap the sent emoji once. You'll be instantly taken into the game, with a yellow background and your chosen emoji ready to go.

The interesting thing is that any emoji in the catalog, whether on Android or iOS, can be used to play, as long as you send only one. However, it should be noted that this functionality is being implemented gradually, so some users may not have access to it yet.

Tips for playing

The game unfolds with com. emoji It falls towards the bottom of the screen and the challenge is to use a platform, controlled by the movement of your finger on the screen, to prevent the emoji from disappearing.

As you progress through the game, collecting points to keep the emojis moving, you will notice a gradual increase in the speed of the game, making it more challenging, and the background will become darker, adding to the tension of the game.

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For those who have already had the opportunity to play the classic game Pong, the leader among electronic games, where the goal is to bounce pixels from one side of the screen to the other using horizontal bars, the method of playing the secret game on Instagram may be useful to you. It seems familiar.

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