INSS announces a new credit card for retirees and retirees

INSS announces a new credit card for retirees and retirees

Great news was recently revealed by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). The agency announced the availability of a new credit card for pensioners and retirees. This news generates great expectations, especially for those who receive only the minimum pension and need easy access to credit.

How to apply for a new INSS credit card

To apply for a new INSS credit card, you must meet certain requirements set by the agency. Therefore, the applicant must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Be retired or retired from INSS;
  • Be linked to Continuous Payment Benefits (BPC) or maternity pay;
  • Be a public employee at the municipal, state, or federal level.

Features of the new INSS credit card

Many wonder: What are the advantages of having an INSS credit card? One of the most attractive improvements is the lower interest rate, which is lower compared to the average offered by private banks. In this model, it is possible to achieve significant cost reduction over time. It is worth noting that INSS also does not charge an annual fee for using the card, which is an important difference compared to other banking institutions.

Obtaining the card is completely digital, without bureaucracy and without the need to go to the bank or any other physical location. A facility that contributes to comfort and efficiency in serving INSS beneficiaries.

Interested parties can obtain more information about the INSS Revolving Credit Card at the link available on the official portal of the Institute. It is a great opportunity for those who want access to credit with less bureaucracy and lower interest.

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