Information from my spiritual guide

Information from my spiritual guide


BBB21 Champion, Juliet has been a real phenomenon both on and off the reality show

Juliette will be president of Brazil.  Photo: clone / Juliet's official Instagram
Juliette will be president of Brazil. Photo: clone / Juliet’s official Instagram

Can you imagine your ex-boyfriendBBB Become president of Brazil? If it depends on a psychological prediction, it can happen. According to Bianca Godoy, winner of BBB 21, Juliet FreireYou can go to the polls and win the crowd.

In the prediction made on the portal “TV Observatory”, Juliet may run for head of state. According to Godói, the prediction came through his spiritual mentor. But the sensor did not reveal when this would happen:

“I have received information from my spiritual guide that Juliette will be president of Brazil, she will be involved in politics and possibly become president, but I believe that it will not be in the next election, but in the next one.”

According to Bianca Godoy, Juliet “will be advised and guided by a famous woman close to her and will make the decision to enter politics”. But the sensitive did not reveal the name of this friend. “Currently I cannot reveal this woman’s name, but when I get permission from the spiritual level, I will reveal her name,” he said.

Currently, the singer and winner of BBB 21 is still unable to run for president in the elections taking place this year. Candidates must be at least 35 years old for the position. However, Paraíba has 32. However, a run could happen as early as 2026.

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