In the UK, Rihanna is expected to debut with “Lift Me Up” at number two; Taylor Swift is still at the top

In the UK, Rihanna is expected to debut with “Lift Me Up” at number two;  Taylor Swift is still at the top

Competition on next week's UK singles schedule will be intense between Rihanna that it Taylor Swift Fighting for first place. At current estimates, the Barbadian singer is expected to make his debut “raise me Up” In second place with Taylor still in front.

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Without mentioning numbers, the first estimate for the week appears Taylor Swift It remains at number one on the UK Singles Chart, with the song “Anti-hero”the album's first single “midnight”.

If all is confirmed, Taylor will still have a second top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart: “lavender mist”Which appears in the estimates in seventh place.

Rihanna returns to the UK charts

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Despite driving Taylor Swift According to estimates, all eyes are already on Rihanna and her comeback single: “raise me Up”the movie's soundtrack “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.

According to preliminary information, “raise me Up” He should debut in second place, behind Taylor and “Anti-hero”. Of course, this is just an estimate using the first song sales and consumption data this week and everything could change.

With the song “Midnights”, Taylor Swift broke several Billboard records

Taylor Swift midnight
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There is no one for anyone: Taylor Swift She is one of the biggest record sellers of all time and has just released her new release, the album “midnight” at the top of plate 200. Breaking records, selling the project 1.578 million equivalent units In the United States the week ending October 27, according to Luminous.

The last project to record a higher number than this was the artist’s album “25”. Adelewhich was sold 3.482 million units in 2015. “midnightis Swift's tenth studio album and was initially released as a standard edition featuring 13 songs. Three hours after the project arrived, Taylor It also released a deluxe version of the projectwith seven additional tracks.

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The singer is now linked to Barbara Streisand On the list of No. 1 albums among women. Swift is too Sixth artist with more than 10 number-one albums plate 200 Since the drawing began to be published. According to the publication, she joins The Beatles (who lead with a record 19 No. 1s), Jay-Z (14), Drake, Bruce Springsteen and Streisand (each with 11).

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