In the second act, the seven o’clock telenovela already gives more buzz than the nine o’clock telenovela Globo. Notícias da TV

In the second act, the seven o'clock telenovela already gives more buzz than the nine o'clock telenovela Globo.  Notícias da TV

The second chapter of The more life the better! Already serve an audience of more than place in the sun. On Tuesday (23), the soap opera at 7 AM Globo scored 22.8 points, while the TV series at 9 AM in Greater São Paulo scored 22 points, according to data obtained by Kantar Ibope Media. the news.

According to a survey conducted by the report “Life is more, better!” It had 36.2% of the share (participation) of 63% (total TVs played from 7:43 PM to 8:30 PM). On the other hand, Um Lugar ao Sol acquired 34.2% of the 64% share of televisions tuned between 9:22 PM and 10:41 PM.

The series was written by Lecia Manzo Suffers to gain audience. The plot was recorded Several negative records Walmar is a nickname Worst telenovela show of the nines on Globo.

Also on Tuesday (23), Jornal Nacional was the most-watched program on the network, with a score of 23.8 points. On the other hand, Jornal da Globo has upset its worst audience this year by scoring 5 points at dawn. The TV news aired from 1:14 a.m. to 1:53 a.m., followed by the reality show The Voice Brasil, the telenovela 11 Verdades Secretas, and the series As Five.

with the end origin (2021) on Monday (22), the Bible first appeared last night. However, the new bible plot lost one in five viewers to Eder Macedo.

While the average for the last four Tuesdays of Genesis rose 14 points, the unprecedented production of religious stories was 11.3 points, which is a 20% drop in the average.

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On SBT, Carinha de Anjo scored 6.2 points, bypassing Mexican soap operas, football with the Champions League and even hall shows, and she is more attractive today on Silvio Santos channel.

See below the masses for Tuesday, November 23 in greater Sao Paulo:

Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 12.7
Good morning SP 7,8
Good morning Brazil 8.4
More than you 6,7
An interview with Fatima Bernards 6,9
SP1 9,1
Globe Sports 9,7
today’s newspaper 10.7
Afternoon session: The dilemma 8,6
o clone 13,5
fitness dreams 14,6
In the time of the emperor 16,6
SP2 20,9
The more life the better 22,8
National newspaper 23,8
place in the sun 22,0
brazilian sound 13,7
Secret facts 9,1
like five 7,0
Globo newspaper 5.0
Conversation with Biel 3,6
Owl Status: Me, Grandma and Bull 3,4
Owl: Lola and the whale 3,1
1 o’clock 4,5
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 6.9
General Morning Balance (average 5 a.m. – 8:29 a.m.) 2,5
General Balance Sheet SP (7h-8h29) 3,4
speak brazil 3,1
Nowadays 3,6
JR 24 hours (AM) 4,8
general balance 8,0
proof of love 6,2
24 hours (afternoon 1) 4,9
City alert 7,6
24 hours (afternoon 2) 5,4
log magazine 9,2
The Bible – Premiere 11,3
When the heart calls 7,8
farm 13 10,5
JR 24 Hours (Dawn) 5,2
Speak, I hear you 1,8
religious 0,6
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 3.8
first effect 3,4
Come here 2,7
Good morning and company 2,7
Chest Prize Voucher 2,4
chat 2,3
indomitable heart 2,9
Champions League: Barcelona vs Benfica 4,1
I give you life 4,9
Chest Prize Voucher 5,1
SBT Brazil 5,3
the angel’s face 6,2
mouse software 5.0
Amazing cinema: 15 years of my life 3,3
the night 2,7
mosque operation 2,3
reporter contact 2,1
SBT Brasil (Replay) 2,4
First Effect (4 hours – 6 hours) 2,5
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Source: Announcers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in the major SP

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