In Save Yourself Who Can, Hugo gives Dominic a new assignment after the discovery Come to me around – he comes

In Save Yourself Who Can, Hugo gives Dominic a new assignment after the discovery  Come to me around - he comes

In Dominic’s law firm, Hugo still presses her hard:

Dominic (Guilhermina Guinle) is concerned about asking Hugo (Leopoldo Pacheco) in ‘Salve-se Quem Puder’ – Photo: Globo

Dominic hides her nervousness, as she discovers that Luna is alive and that the other two witnesses may have survived as well drilling.

She replied, “They weren’t killed right after I shot Vittorio. They ran away and stayed in a hotel for a while before they died.”

Deborah Secco, Juliana Paiva and Vitoria Strada offer spoilers:

Deborah Secco, Juliana Paiva and Vitoria Strada Introduce Spoilers for ‘Save Yourself’

Knowing that you are the agent Evo Mantovani (Ricardo Duque) Responsible for the case, Hugo gives Dominic a file containing information about him. She is agile and understands the message:

“I understand. I’ll put an end to this conditionDominic says.

Check out the first chapter of the final stage in which Dominic is stalking Luna:

How will this story unfold?

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19 May


Helena is upset by Luna / Fiona’s curiosity. Hugo reveals to Dominic that Police Officer Evo came to her with a sketch made in Mexico. Alexia told Zisinho she wouldn’t be able to stay for the dinner that he prepared due to a date at work. Dominic is upset when Renzo says he doesn’t want to work with her. Téo encourages Michaela to study in the United States. Marilyn asks her twin sister, Veronica, to tell her nephews that she will stay at her mother’s house to help her welcome a guest who has arrived from Mexico. Dolce rebuked Marilyn when she noticed that her daughter was interested in Mario. Alexia / Josimara surprises with the romantic dinner that Renzo has prepared. Dominic thinks of “scaring Raphael” to intimidate Renzo. Helena Enéas prevents test results from being delivered to Téo. Alexia / Josimara asks Renzo if he has killed the one he pretends to be his own.

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Save Yourself Who Puder is a romantic comedy full of adventure and suspense created by creativity and writing Daniel Ortiz, With technical guidance Fred Marink And the general trend of Marcelo Traviso.

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