In response to a Sintrajufe/RS request, JF/TRF4 health care sharing expense amounts will be deposited this Tuesday, 31

In response to a Sintrajufe/RS request, JF/TRF4 health care sharing expense amounts will be deposited this Tuesday, 31

The values ​​of all expenses will be approved on Tuesday the 31st by participating in, for example, consultations and examinations, as well as hospitalization for holders and dependents of the TRF4 health plan and the Federal Court of First Instance, referring to the period from January to October 2023. Sintrajufe/RS has informed of the return of the amounts after Meeting with the General Manager From TRF4, Arnaldo Girotto.

The amounts for the period from January to October will be refunded in full under the heading “Unified Costs” (Sharing) to cover the expenses of the holders and their dependents. The “Unimed Monthly Fee” item for 2023, according to the General Manager’s information, should be deposited in December.

This was a request of the Union based on Resolution 174/2022 of TRF4. In the only paragraph of Art. Article 26 of the decision stated that “it is permissible, at the discretion of the administration, when the program has a surplus, to encourage the recovery of part of the costs or fees borne by the beneficiary.”

The Union continued drafting the decision allowing the return of the values

In April 2022, TRF4 published Resolution 174, which provides for the return of amounts paid by users in years in which there is a surplus in the plan. The return in 2019 and 2020 was boycotted by the then TRF4 management, despite financial availability and requests from Sintrajufe/RS.

The same decision specified a reduction, from 50% to 30%, in the joint participation of health plan users in sessions with a speech therapist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, and psychiatrist. The proposal was sent to the President of TRF4, Judge Ricardo Teixeira de Valle Pereira, by the committee that analyzed and proposed changes to the Health Assistance Program (PAS) for the Federal Courts of the First and Second Instance in the Fourth District, coordinated by Judge Sebastião. Augie Muniz, which included the participation of Sintragov/RS.

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The Commission was established by Decree 665/2021 and began its work on September 9, 2021, without the presence of Sintrajov/RS. The union participated for the first time on the 28th of the same month, after officially requesting its inclusion, as it represents male and female servants, the largest group burdened with joint participation and affected by any changes that will occur in the system. this area.

Since joining the body, the union, represented by Director Ze Oliveira, has defended the global reduction of the joint participation and the return of the amounts at the end of the year, always taking into account the budget issue, to maintain the viability of the plan.

Federal Court of Health TRF4

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