In record heat in Rio, Fernanda and Ben team up for a special relay ride on the monster

In record heat in Rio, Fernanda and Ben team up for a special relay ride on the monster

MC Bin Laden and Fernanda in Punishment of the Beast Reproduction/Globoplay

It was a hot Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, home of Estúdios Globo and the home of “Big Brother Brasil 24.” The city even set a record, as the thermal sensation in Guaratiba in the western region reached 60.1 degrees, at 10:20 in the morning, the highest value recorded since 2014, when the Alerta Rio system began taking measurements. The neighborhood in which the temperature was recorded is located in the western area of ​​the city, the same area of ​​Coresica, where the most viewed house in Brazil is located.

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The temperature made this week's monster punishment a little more difficult for MC Benladen and Fernanda, chosen by angel Matthews for dynamism, in the early afternoon. The two are dressed as frogs and princesses and must be in the middle of the outdoor area of ​​the house, so they can take turns. They will stay until tomorrow to complete the gift.

Thus, the two decided to change the monster's position every hour. In this first tour, MC Bin Laden went straight to the house, where there is air conditioning. At first, the funk singer complained that the other people in their group were not keeping Fernanda company outside, and they might as well be able to potentially attend Big Fone.

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“No one wants to play, they want to stay in the air conditioning,” Ben said, pointing to Davey next to the machine, without changing his position. “That leaves everyone there with an advantage.”

Outside of the program, netizens, especially those from Rio, were left imagining what it must be like inside their monster-heavy fantasies. Some even asked participants to carry out the gift inside the house, where there is air conditioning. Overnight, the tag “Monster in the Heat, no” was among the most posted tags on X (formerly Twitter).

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In “BBB 24”, the brothers are confused about the house maintenance and are looking for a new entrant in the house

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