In November, São Paulo will host the Corporate Games, the largest Corporate Olympics in the world.

In November, São Paulo will host the Corporate Games, the largest Corporate Olympics in the world.

The Corporate Games are the world’s largest corporate and team building event, and will arrive in Brazil in 2023. Between November 23 and 26, the city of São Paulo (SP) will become the global capital of corporate sports in the country, with the São Paulo Corporate Games, a unique combination of sports and luxury. And communication, targeting companies, institutions and their employees. Registration is now open on the website https://corporategamesbr.with/

The race is expected to be very popular

An event with a history of 35 years around the world, present on all continents, it was first held in 1988, in San Francisco, in the United States. Since then, it has grown year after year, bringing together already 51 thousand organizations and one million participants, in editions in 38 different countries and 101 cities, with more than 70 sports and 250 games. In 2023, in addition to Brazil, the Corporate Games will be in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Romania and Turkey.

The Corporate Games are Olympic Games aimed at all types and sizes of companies and their employees. It now arrives in Brazil to give the business world the opportunity to feel the excitement that competitions provide to those in stadiums and sports fields. CEOs, leaders and employees united to represent the company and compete in a unified global event.

“Corporate gaming goes beyond simple sports competition between organizations. We are leading the global corporate wellbeing movement, which is to promote the physical, mental and social health of employees,” commented Davis Tenorio, CEO of eCORP HUB, a company licensed to bring corporate gaming to Brazil. .

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“It’s also an opportunity for companies to stand out and reinforce their employer brand, increasing the team’s sense of belonging. And we can’t forget the countless networking and business opportunities this transformative event provides participants,” adds Davis.

Competitions in different locations – In São Paulo, corporate games will be played in several sports facilities: the Brazilian Paralympic Center, the Golf Course (Fazenda da Grama), the TO Arena, the Playball, and others. The street race is scheduled to take place in Parque da Independência, where the Ipiranga Museum is located.

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On the first day, November 23, the accreditation of participants and the presentation and opening ceremony. Then, from the 24th to the 26th, sports competitions will be held, with individual and team sports and age groups for men and women.

“The numbers in the history of the Corporate Games over these 35 years are amazing and confirm the strength of the event, which will also be highlighted in Brazil, a country that breathes sport. “We have obtained the international license, which shows our confidence in success,” he highlights. Spotlight on Carlos Vieira, co-founder of Ecorp Hub.

“We are looking for corporate sponsorship that will make history alongside the world’s largest corporate Olympics, bringing their brand, reaching a business audience base, generating business and networking,” Carlos adds.

Competitions in 16 ways – The Corporate Games in São Paulo will feature 16 sports for women and men – five team and nine individual – some of which are divided by sport categories and age groups: Open, 40+ and 60+. It is possible to register as many employees or teams as you want. There is no minimum or maximum. Team sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer, futsal and community soccer.

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Individuals: running (5km, 10km and walking), e-sports (FIFA, LOL WILD RIFIT, FREE FIRE and Mario Kart Tour), golf, kart, tennis, table tennis, and beach tennis. The top three in all competitions will receive medals and the companies represented will win prizes. Athletes compete for points for their organization and medals for themselves.

In November, São Paulo will host the Corporate Games, the largest Corporate Olympics in the world.
Delight on the podium

A little history – It was 1985. In Toronto, Canada, Maureen Johnston, founder of the World Masters Games, had the idea of ​​creating the World Masters Games. The goal: a project that gives everyone the opportunity to play sports around the world, represent a team and be proud to be part of a multi-sport festival for companies and organizations of different types and sizes. The Games should not have any barriers, will be the first to be open to women and men on an equal basis, and must include participants with disabilities.

From his idea, Johnston founded Sports for Life, to make that a reality. Thus, in 1988, the first World Corporate Games were held in San Francisco (USA). A success that was repeated the following year in Concord again in the United States. Hawaii received a third edition. In 1991, Lille, in France, and in 1992, London, in England, following the path of growth worldwide, having now reached the mark of 101 cities and 38 countries.

Nelson Mandela was the patron of the first multiracial global sporting event held in South Africa in the post-apartheid era – the 1994 Corporate World Games in Johannesburg. In the history of the Corporate Games, prominent world names, such as government leaders, business and sports figures, have been sponsors of the various editions, such as Mandela, François Mitterrand and Princess Anne.

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São Paulo Corporate Games has institutional support from ABRH-SP (Brazilian Association of Human Resources), ABQV (Brazilian Association for Quality of Life), and EBB (Employer Branding in Brazil). And media support from Grupo Gestão RH and Canal WOOHOO. It is implemented by eCORP HUB.

more information :
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