In his memoirs, Einstein described Brazilian scientists as “monkeys” and the people as “semi-intellectuals.”

In his memoirs, Einstein described Brazilian scientists as “monkeys” and the people as “semi-intellectuals.”

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In 1925, physicist Albert Einstein visited South America, visiting Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, but it seems that he did not want to. This is revealed in the statements he wrote himself. At that time, for example, he wrote a letter to a friend complaining about the trip: “I have no desire to meet semi-cultivated tobacco-using Indians.” In his memoirs, he described a researcher from Rio de Janeiro as a “legitimate ape.”

Racist statements are collected in the book.Albert Einstein's Travel Diary: South AmericaEditing was responsible for Zeev Rosenkranz, who worked on Einstein's letters and diaries since 1988.

In an interview with the newspaper Folha de San PauloHe explained, “These writings provide a more complete picture of Einstein, and highlight his limitations.” He describes Einstein as “a 19th-century man” who had racism “as part of his biological world view.”

For him, the 1925 flight diary is among the most “authentic” documents of a researcher, because it was written for personal purposes – without planning for publication.

In the case of this trip to South America, Einstein decided to abandon his trip to the region after insistence from the scientific and Jewish communities. Another factor that made him travel was his desire to get away from the secretary with whom he was in a relationship, and from whom he wanted to separate at that moment.

He stayed from March to May between Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. The journey resulted in 43 pages written in a lined notebook.

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