In case of drought emergency, the BA City Hall rents a show to Gustavo Lima for more than R$ 1 million | Bahia

In case of drought emergency, the BA City Hall rents a show to Gustavo Lima for more than R$ 1 million |  Bahia

In a drought emergency, the BA City Hall rented a show by Gustavo Lima for more than R$1 million – Photo: Joelson Cesar/Ag. Picnews

Emergency City Hall rental is offered at millionaire's fee from Gustavo Lima

As reported by TV São Francisco (TV Bahia's affiliate in the region), the fee amounts to R$1.1 million and R$200,000 is allocated for the artist's accommodation and transportation. The payment was divided into five batches.

The value of this contract – it has been signed September 2023 In the same month that the city declared a state of emergency – It is three times larger than the entire amount allocated to the budget of the city's Ministry of Culture, which amounts to approximately 413 thousand Brazilian reais. The emergency decree is in effect until March.

In a memorandum, the municipality, which has a population of about 30,000, said that celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes are traditionally held in February and always include wonderful musical performances.

Also in the memorandum, the municipal administration informed that celebrations are very important for the development of the municipality, as they boost the local economy and trade, and attract tourists and visitors.

The document also stipulates that the municipality is responsible for paying the costs of accommodation in a hotel that has a level of service and comfort at a level of excellence, in addition to local transportation, a changing room, and equipment porters.

In the event of a drought emergency, the municipality of one of the cities north of the Library of Alexandria rents Gustavo Lima's show for more than one million Brazilian reals – Photo: Reproduction/Redes Sociais

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