In a new blow to the Venezuelan opposition, its leader resigns from the interim government – the international

Bogoti – the interim government led by the leader of the opposition since January 2019 Juan Guaidó He said she should disappear because she lost her legitimacy. Julio Burgess, the former president of the Venezuelan Parliament, this Sunday, the 5th, two weeks after Defeat of the opposition in the regional elections. He left his position in charge of foreign affairs.

“The idea of ​​a temporary government must disappear completely, and we cannot continue with the payroll, with a bureaucracy that last year involved nearly 1,600 people,” Borges told reporters during a video conference in Colombia in which he announced his resignation as a Guaido shareholder. , he said, to facilitate the reconstruction process within the opposition.

Guaido has been recognized as interim president of Venezuela by the United States and 50 other governments, including Brazil, although in practice he has not been able to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power. Guaido did not comment on the decision of the former ally.

The opponent, who lives in exile in Bogota, has proposed rebuilding a space that includes anti-Chavez political parties and civil society to pool forces and gain legitimacy inside and outside Venezuela.

“It is necessary to reform everything that is traditionally called the interim government,” said Borges, who will present his proposals on Tuesday in Caracas to a committee of the National Assembly set up by deputies elected in 2015 and expired in January 2021.

The leader warned that the opposition’s struggle to abandon Maduro’s dictatorship, whose re-election in 2018 he does not consider fraudulent, has lost its legitimacy.

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Borges’ proposal seeks to change direction in the opposition, which was crushed by the deep divisions that emerged in the November 21 regional elections. The vote was held after the main opposition parties returned after several years of boycott, but with few agreement on consolidated nominations.

Borges also questioned the corruption of the interim government. “The issue of assets (outside Venezuela) is really a scandal, there is no political will for the parties to do what is required: to create a fund for these assets to be separated from the management of political parties, especially Juan Guaido’s party, so there is independence, transparency and clarity,” Borges said./ AFP and EFE

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