In a lukewarm debut, Dance of the Famous says goodbye with “troubles” to Lost Ten · TV News

In a lukewarm debut, Dance of the Famous says goodbye with "troubles" to Lost Ten · TV News

Leaving Globo, Fausto Silva set off In the final season of Celebrity Dance This Sunday (16), on his first frosty appearance, he drew attention to the sheer amount of maximum notes. Amid many positive reviews, Claudia Ohana indicated that she does not like having 9.9 – one-tenth less than her opponents.

The translator disagreed with journalist Christina Badiglione’s analysis. She made a negative signal with her hand when she got 9.9 not far from 10 that the technical judge ruled the other competitors for the night. Maria Joanna and Mariana Santos were impeccable in their opinion.

Columnist for Folha de S. Paulo said, “No, you deserve so much more than that, but you have to make a comparison. There is a question that I liked the relationship between ex-spouses more, they were more connected.”

The Artistic Referees Committee also included singer Cimaria Mendes and sports commentator Clipper Machado. Artistic evaluations, in turn, were responsible for Camilla Lobo, who was already a part of the Faustau ballet, and choreographer JC Viola.

Maria Joanna became, as expected, the heroine of the night. Due to the security protocols against Covid-19, the image was pre-recorded on Thursday (13), and production was unable to avoid it The name of the first semi-finalists was leaked an hour ago.

Maria Joanna and Marcus Viana in Super Dance

Opening night

In its final season, The competition has a different dynamic from previous years. Three pairs perform every Sunday, and the artist who scores the most points qualifies for the semi-finals. However, losers can still try their luck in supplemental duels.

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Moreover, the actresses had to immediately prepare not a show as usual, but two numbers with completely different rhythms. They changed on the stage of gravity with a tour to the sound of forró and soon after, they returned to dance the rock.

Maria Joanna was the first to introduce herself. Viola, who gave 9, said, “No wonder she was a heroine in 2017. Who learns, he doesn’t forget. And she learned so well.

Mariana Santos then thanked Faustão for the opportunity to shake off the epidemic. “She’ll live a little, leave the house a little bit, give people a little joy. She gave me a kick,” explained the actress, who is slated to star in Cara & Courage –A novel written by Claudia Soto of the Seven Path.

Runner-up in 2012, Claudia Ohana was responsible for closing each tour. She got 10 by Padiglione on her second try. “I now talked about engagement at the first dance, and now I felt perfect in sync. It took a leap for me. She was so agile,” said the journalist.

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