Improve the nutrient density of your diet and don't count calories

Improve the nutrient density of your diet and don't count calories

The error in calories is exactly dieting by reducing the volume of what you eat, that is, eating a small amount of food, restricting a lot, and also reducing the nutritional density, that is, in addition to hunger, you will waste away.

To better understand, one explanation why you might be trying to diet, and instead of losing weight and getting healthy, you look unhealthy, low on energy, and constantly getting sick (with colds that never go away, low immunity, and frequent infections), is the fact that when we By restricting many food choices, we also restrict valuable allies of our health: nutrients.

What is the difference between energy density and nutrient density?

Energy Density: It is the term used when there is an active calculation of the calories that this food provides to our body. It comes from macronutrients, that is, the amount of carbohydrates, fats or proteins a food contains. The winners for the highest energy density are soft drinks, sugary drinks, milkshakes, processed ice cream, desserts, and fast foods in general. You can see it's very energy dense, right?

Nutrient density: It is the term used to distinguish foods that contain a significant amount of nutrients, which are not always manufactured by the body and therefore require consumption through food or supplements. Fruits, vegetables and leaves are considered to be foods with high nutritional density, as they are considered to contain large amounts of micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, active ingredients found in plants that have medicinal appeal, for example.

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No wonder you finally receive news that such a fruit or such a food is rich in some vitamins or active ingredients such as phytochemicals that offer some therapeutic response. For example: a large amount of vitamin C in acerola and its immune response, a large amount of omega-3 in sardines and its ability to protect the heart and its anti-inflammatory action. The list is long.

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