Imperatrix dancer 'flies' pulled by giant helium balloon | Carnival 2024 in Rio de Janeiro

Imperatrix dancer 'flies' pulled by giant helium balloon |  Carnival 2024 in Rio de Janeiro

The scenographic element has the ballerina float during the procession of the Empress

Imperatriz Leopoldinense, by carnival artist Leandro Vieira, took five helium balloons to the Marquês de Sapucaí as a surprise item – the lead balloon made a dancer float about 10 meters above the ground.

G1 accompanied the assembly team to inflate and prepare the balloons. The process was done using A Truck complete with helium gas cylinders that it More than 10 men To inflate the object.

A staff member was used as a weight to handle the balloon.

Imperatriz prepares the balloon to enter Sapucaí

A ballerina hanging from a balloon at Imperatriz – Photography: Stephanie Rodriguez/g1

Ballerina Gabriela Freire is suspended from a giant balloon filled with helium gas – Photo: Stephanie Rodriguez/g1

Imperatrix employees work to inflate the balloon – Photo: Stephanie Rodriguez/g1

In the main balloon, dancer Gabriela Freire soared above the Sambadrome. The woman from Maranhão said this was her first time in Sapukay and that training for the show had been going on since December.

Gabriela Freire comes to represent Empress Leopoldinense, who discovers the will of the gypsy depicted in the plot of “With Fortune Turned to the Moon According to the Will of the Gypsy Esmeralda,” which delves freely into classical literature written more than a hundred years ago. Previously written by Leandro Gomez from Paraíba de Barros, known as the king of sertão poetry.

The work combines the mystical imagination of the gypsy world reinterpreted with the fantasies of northeastern folk literature.

Gypsy floats in the fire of the Empress's forehead

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