Immigration: Hot topic in UK elections

Immigration: Hot topic in UK elections

Immigration has long been a hot topic in the UK, and with elections looming, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak believes Labor can win the election by a landslide if it promises to reduce immigration. Advantage over conservatives.

In Latest polls, the Conservative Party – led by Rishi Sunak – has 22% of voting intentions against 44% for Labour. a distance Over 20 percentage points Less than a month to the election.

In April, the United Kingdom ratified Deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda, after the plan was signed, King Charles III authorized repatriation flights to be organized. And Rishi Sunak promises not to stop here If you win the election. But before that, let's look at the numbers.

The UK's migration balance

In 2016, during the referendum for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, supporters Brexit They argued that ending the free movement of people would be crucial to “regaining control of the borders”.

But the Brexit didn't stop immigration numbers. In 2015, the migration balance (i.e. the difference between the number of inflows and outflows) in the United Kingdom was 329 thousand people. In 2023, 1.2 million people immigrated to the United Kingdom and 532 thousand people emigrated, increasing net migration 685 thousand. By 2022, it will reach 745,000.

At the national level, Indian citizens are the most frequent visitors to the United Kingdom, representing one-fifth of total immigration, followed by Nigerian and Chinese nationals.

The Prime Minister announced in January Tightening of entry requirementsIncreasing the required minimum wage and banning healthcare professionals and international students from bringing their families to the UK.

According to the British administration, this measure will be curtailed About 79% Study visa applications in the four months from 2024 and 58% of applications from professionals in the health sector.

Promises of the parties

If the ADMK wins the election Annual limit on the number of visas issued.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Reform Party and the latest candidate for the British election, went even further – with the aim of 'stealing' Sunak's Conservative votes – too. The migration balance must fall to zero.

The Labor Party, currently the opposition party, is leading the polls. Considers reducing dependence on foreign workersBetting on the merits of the British.

Experts say the benefits and costs of immigration are difficult to assess. Rising migrant numbers are putting pressure on public services and house prices, concludes Oxford University's 2022 report Tax impact is minimized.

British voters go to the polls on July 4 to elect the next parliament, and it will surely be a central issue in the campaign until then.

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