Images: First F-15QA shipped to Qatar – Kvok Brazil

Images: First F-15QA shipped to Qatar - Kvok Brazil

The first four F-15QA fighter jets left the aircraft manufacturer Boeing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, and flew to Qatar on October 27 for delivery.

Four F-15QAs (records 17-0006, 17-0013, 17-0015 and 17-0014) flew less than 12,000 km towards their future air base in Al Utaid. The first shuttle came two months after Boeing delivered its first F-15QA to US and Qatari dignitaries at a ceremony in St. Louis. The planes were flown to the Royal Air Force Base in Mildenhall, UK with a KC-10 Extender support aircraft.

There will be a total of 48 F-15QAs in Qatar. The modern version of Eagle not only offers revolutionary features, but is also built using advanced manufacturing processes that make the jet aircraft more efficient in the manufacturing process. In operation, the F-15s cost half an hour to fly identical fighter jets and deliver a large payload over long distances.

The F-15 Eagle Family of the Air Force of the Emirate of Qatar is highly advanced. Based on the F-15SA supplied to Saudi Arabia, it features the F-15QA (Qatar Advanced) Infrared Search and Surveillance (IRST) sensor, a digital electronic warhead and Raytheon’s AESA APG-82 (V) 3 radar. Unlike older F-15s, the new SA and QA versions have fly-by-wire flight control systems. LANTIRN Night Infrared Low Altitude Navigation System: Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night), the engine is mounted externally under air intakes for guided and unmanned weapons.

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In addition, Qatar’s new jets will have a new wing design that will maintain the aerodynamic profile, but a new internal structure that is more durable. Improved reliability, durability and ease of maintenance allow low-cost security operators to advance beyond current and emerging threats.

The new cockpit displays have a front view of BAE Systems. The adoption of a large touchscreen such as the F-35 Lightning II is quite remarkable.

The new missiles are precision guided weapons that will allow Qatar aircraft to carry 16 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and four AIM-9X sidewinders on air defense missions.

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