“I’m Fabricio Melgasso” · TV news

"I'm Fabricio Melgasso" · TV news

Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) will put Christina (Leandra Leal) on the wall in empire. after, after Jose Roberto Berndelli overheard a suspicious conversation from the girl, He will hypothesize that she may be the leader’s hidden enemy. So the Almighty will confront his daughter and listen to her wrath. “I Fabricio Malagaso‘, will shoot the young woman in the TV series at nine o’clock on Globo.

backstage It is scheduled to start broadcasting on the air from Wednesday (20), will call the businessman a hero Aguinaldo Silva’s plot for conversation. He will ask “Cristina, do you want revenge on me? Are you Fabricio Melgasso?”

niece rebel kora Marjorie Estiano is going to attack her father. ”You insulted me! Do you really think that I could be that horrible person, who tried to kill you at least three times? ”I’ll roar.

“Let me guess what makes me suspicious: I am the rejected daughter, who was prepared by a despised mother from a young age to avenge the father, who left them in misery and became a millionaire on top… The witch who looks good, but will eventually be revealed as the bad guy in the story. I have You got it right, didn’t you?”

Then Christina will mock and make a false confession. He will say: “Well, well, I confess … That’s right, I’m Fabricio Melgasso. That’s it, I am your great enemy, the great villain of this story.”

Jose Alfredo will apologize for his accusation of the young woman and will say that he is sure she is not the person he is looking for. However, this will not be enough for the girl. She concluded, “I no longer work in this company. I no longer have any relationship with you or your family.”

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Empire (2014) won “Special Edition” for Connect the remaining hole after the end from mother’s love Globo prime time. unpublished place in the sun, Next TV series in the 9 p.m. range, Its premiere was postponed in the second half of this year.

In addition to spoilers, the the news publish daily Summary of the nine o’clock series That the station is being repeated due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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