Ignoring the bull in the shelter does not leave the cat after it has been adopted

The friendship of bull dog Wesley and cat Wyatt delights all who know them.

The pair were adopted from an animal shelter, located in Florida, in the United States, and since then they have not parted.

The Pit lived most of its life in the shelter, where its size and adopted appearance frightened them. Until a woman named Maria crossed his path and decided to adopt him. Contrary to popular belief, the dog was adorable.

Fur has broken existing taboos and prejudices about his race by showing all the love, obedience and tenderness to his family.

But the puppy’s meekness was truly proven when the cat arrived home.

The woman thought she should keep them apart, as she had a firm idea that cat and dog don’t get along, and the opposite happened.

The friendship didn’t take long to blossom. As soon as they saw each other, they started to play and little by little they created a very special bond, becoming inseparable.

“Not only do they play with each other, but they have developed some human traits that will make you laugh. Wesley’s face, for example, is naturally expressive. She’s like a cartoon character. You can always tell what he’s thinking,” Mariah told dodo.

The two learned to do everything together, from eating, sleeping, exploring, and playing. A beautiful, unbreakable friendship charms even the hardest of hearts.

And just like good friends, this duo has pretty pictures. paying off:








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Source: Dear animals

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