If elected, Trump promises to clamp down on Muslim immigration

If elected, Trump promises to clamp down on Muslim immigration

The former president vetoed the entry of citizens from 7 countries into the United States during his term, but this measure was overturned by Biden.

Former US President Donald Trump said on Monday (October 16, 2023) that if elected to the White House in 2024, he would restrict the entry of people from Muslim-majority countries into the United States. He also promised to suspend the reception of refugees and deport people with “Jihadi sympathies“.

Trump attended a campaign event in Clive, Iowa. The Republican cited Hamas’ bombing of Israel and a potential attack on the United States when he defended these measures.

Trump said in his speech that if he wins, he will implement…A strong ideological check on all immigrants” to ban “Dangerous lunatics, enemies, fanatics and lunatics“From the United States of America.

He also promised to cancel student visas.”Radical foreigners, anti-Americans and anti-SemitesHe criticized the pro-Palestine protests. “We have to protect our country“He spoke.

During his rule, the former president banned citizens of 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. They are: Iran, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. He later expanded the ban to include other African countries. When he took office in the White House in 2021, President Joe Biden rescinded the measure.

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