Ibertola is up for auction in the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, France, Japan and Germany.

Madrid, 24 Feb. (Europa Press) –

According to group chairman Ignacio Sanchez Cologne, Ibertola will be auctioned off in the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, France, Japan and Germany in the coming months to further boost its growth in seawater.

In an explanation given to analysts during the 2020 results, Cullen focused on the Energy Company’s commitment to marine wind power over these next 12-18 months. “We are exploring and working on projects that could participate in these auctions,” he said.

The Eberterola already has an installed capacity of 1,300 MW (MW) and is under construction at about 2,600 MW, without naval costs. In addition, it has an additional high-quality portfolio of 19,000 megawatts, of which 9,000 megawatts is ready to tie the price of the coast close to zero.

Similarly, markets such as Sweden, Japan, Poland and Ireland are growing at 10,000 MW, with its total operating capacity (EBITDA) expected to reach 3 2,300 million by 2030.

Integration in the United States with the arrival of BIDEN.

In the particular case of the United States, Galen stressed that the change in the country’s administration with the arrival of Joe Biden has “accelerated” the development of maritime facilities that were blocked in the last part of the Donald Trump administration. “They have ambitious objectives and we are in talks with the management because they know they need to allow us to expedite these projects,” he said.

In this regard, in the case of Vineyard 1, the first major sea breeze project in the United States, tax credit (ITC) has been raised from the expected 18% to 30%, and “credits” to these credits.

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Accepts oil companies to create a bubble in the industry.

On the other hand, Cullen stressed the “welcome” competition in the industry for oil companies, however he felt they should “clarify their position” because they could not pay “higher prices” at sea air auctions and then a bubble in the sector “there”. “They have created the same thing,” he added.

However, the head of Ebertola assured that they would not be surprised by the high prices that the oil companies offered to enter the business as “they have to show the market that they are fully committed”.

“We are not in that position at Ebertora,” he said, underscoring that if the oil companies pay “a lot of money” at these auctions, it will be something that gives “more value” to the energy pipeline.

However, he felt that these companies should go to the renewable market with those prices and “do that madness, they should respond to their shareholders”.

Mexico will take action if there are resolutions on vulnerability ibertola.

On the other hand, regarding the pressure of Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on foreign energy companies, in which Iberirola, Cologne reaffirmed that “the policy has not been developed in the countries where it is located, but it has been drawn up”. By the government. “

However, he warned that if the results affected its stakeholders it would “analyze to take appropriate action”.

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