“I wanted to talk”; Graciel Lacerda breaks her silence and makes another revolution after the “quarrel” with Zizi de Camargo’s daughter-in-law

“I wanted to talk”;  Graciel Lacerda breaks her silence and makes another revolution after the “quarrel” with Zizi de Camargo’s daughter-in-law


This Thursday (2) morning, the model once again commented on the dispute with Amabelle Irwa

Graciele Lacerda and Zezé Di Camargo together – Instagram/Graciele Lacerda (left) – Instagram/Zezé Di Camargo (right)

Graciel Lacerda speaks again

Thursday morning (2) form Gracielli Lacerda He commented again on the dispute with the influencer Amabile Iroa,bride Igor Camargo And the daughter-in-law Zizi de Camargo.

“I wanted to talk to people who come with amazing messages. In these times we meet people, see who loves us and who supports us. It was a great learning experience.”He said.

By gossiping there is a fallout between Graselli and Amabile – Reproduction/focus

“Those life hits you and you say, ‘Well, they warned me and I didn’t listen.’ “It’s not that I didn’t listen, we always believe in things and people.”“Gracelli added.

As everyone knows, Amabylle Eiroa Graci has been accused of creating a fake profile on Instagram To talk about some members of the singer’s family, in addition to providing evidence and supposed evidence against the model.

The fight between Graciele and Amabylle may end up in court

According to Amabylle, Graciele’s email was registered to the account: “The person called Gracielli Lacerda, who sowed chaos based on a web of lies and manipulation.”he announced.

Graciele and Zezé Di Camargo together – Instagram/Zezé Di Camargo

“I took a risk and took action behind the fake @prisciladantas568 here on the internet, and after it was discovered it created chaos within the family.”Zizi’s daughter-in-law continued angrily.

“The truth for which you have cried so much has arrived, like a sharp sword, and will cut through the chains of deception, revealing the truth which you and your comrades and sycophants have tried to conceal.”I finish.

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