“I want out” · TV News

“I want out” · TV News

Rodriguinho did not like the dynamics of Sinrão at BBB 24 this Monday (26). After putting mud on his head, the pagodero states that he is not in the game to go through that kind of situation. He promised that he would press the exit button from the program if the audience did not eliminate him on Tuesday (27). “I want out,” he grumbled.

After the live version ended, the singer took a shower and then met Fernanda Bandi and Giovanna Bittel. “I said he was going to get angry and want to leave, and he was going to say he didn't come here to go through this. I knew that,” Bittle said.

“I, 46, drink jelly. I want to go out. Either I go out tomorrow, or I go out the first moment it turns green,” Rodriginho confirmed. The show's production team then cut the scene and moved it to another room in the house.

During the program on Globo, Tadeo Schmidt gave Davi Brito and Isabel Nogueira, the most attacked of the night, the right to choose to take revenge on one of the participants in the house. They chose the pagodero.

Bahian said of the singer: “I think he is a bad player, his position is bad. What I have to say, I say to his face. He is a terrible player.” Isabelle added about the artist: “He looks at other people’s toys more than he looks at his own.”

Afterwards, Rodriginho placed a muddy substance on his head as a form of punishment. The singer's reaction was already expected by fans of the show, precisely because he had already threatened to leave the reality show on other occasions.

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“His contract is different. The star,” mocked former X Twitter user Andressa Di Casilla. “The vacancy has been successfully eliminated,” said netizen Paolo. “He definitely thought he was going to be put on a pedestal,” Gabriel joked.


Rodriginho is on the tenth wall this season and is in danger of being eliminated. In the poll the newsFor example, he emerged as the most rejected in the dispute against Fernanda Bandé and Lucas Henrique. The musician has a rejection rate of 71.10%.

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