“I think there is no solution,” FalleN about cheaters in CS2 Premier | Draft5

“I think there is no solution,” FalleN about cheaters in CS2 Premier |  Draft5

Even professional players are not running away from matches with cheaters on Valve’s official servers. In one of his last radio shows, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo came across a cheater in MM and gave his opinion about hackers in CS2.

According to the professor, the problem of cheaters is not something exclusive to Valve’s new game. With over a decade of work on Counter-Strike, FalleN still points to a slightly more pessimistic view of the potential solution to the problem.

CS suffers from this because CS is CS. I think there is no solution with the technologies that already exist. The way things have been going the last few years, someone is making money because they develop cheat software that someone will want to use.

With a sarcastic tone regarding cheat developers, FalleN continues its analysis of the issue of cheaters in games.

“So you’re a programmer, and you say, ‘Man, I’m going to use my talent for programming, and I’m going to create something really cool. I’m going to create something for the item to steal the item.'” Other items. “Then you put some money in your pocket with a great activity like this.”

Moving to the more technical side, the professor goes on to explain why hackers are a difficult problem to solve. He points out that anti-cheat software developers determine the level of “intrusiveness” on users’ devices to detect cheating.

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“If you want to get deeper into that person’s computer, you’ll have a better chance (of detecting cheating). So, for example, when you install third-party anti-cheat software, those platforms usually have some issues combating Cheating.” Cheating. Because these programs will dig deeper into your computer to find these cheaters.”

I think Valve is betting on another path. I’ve actually heard some things about this, that they’re creating a definition using technologies that didn’t even exist in the last 20 years, basically Artificial intelligence technology.

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